Vice Golf Embrace Half-Zip Longsleeve

Vice Golf Embrace Half-Zip Longsleeve

SEK 790.00

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Down to the details: Best materials meet style and functionality

From handpicked, high-quality materials to detailed applications on the Embrace Half-Zip Longsleeve Navy, this half-zip longsleeve combines performance, functionality and design as we aspire it in all our products. Adding elasthan to the mix gives the mid-layer a comfortable and flexible fit allowing for maximum movement on the course and pure comfort

Traditions newly interpreted

Introducing the Alumni Collection, this vintage-inspired line was designed for those who recognize the heroes of yesterday; to become the legends of tomorrow. Whether worn on or off the course, this collection’s balance of high-performance fabric and undisputed class will turn heads like a legendary roar from the 18th tee box on Sunday. Traditional designs interpreted in a modern way - do it with passion or not at all!